The Mathematical recap of “What Was Missing” was taken down by Frederator Studios, not Cartoon Network.

Please stop accusing Cartoon Network of censorship. They haven’t done anything wrong. I emailed Frederator Studios to ask why the video was gone.

Hi guys, can you confirm or deny that Cartoon Network took down your recap video of “What Was Missing”? If they didn’t, who did? Why was it taken down?

Thank you!


I promptly received a response from Eric at Frederator: 

Hi, [anygoddamnedcolleen].

No, it was our decision, not Cartoon Network’s. We felt it was too sensational and implied things that are just not the intention of show’s creator or crew. We regret it’s caused such a stir.

— Eric Homan

Frederator Studios

Here is a screencap of the exchange:

So, to sum up:

  • Adventure Time is produced by Frederator Studios
  • Frederator Studios makes weekly recap videos on their Youtube channel Mathematical
  • The Mathematical videos are not made by Adventure Time staff
  • The “What Was Missing” recap stated that Marceline maybe liked PB as more than a friend, had a pop-up reading “thumbs up for subtext” and encouraged fans to call in to give their opinion on the possibility of a Marceline/PB relationship.
  • One of the writers of “What Was Missing” voiced his dislike of the recap.
  • Frederator took the recap down.

Cartoon Network was not involved in any way, the Adventure Time staff did not endorse the video, the episode still stands with whatever subtext we choose to take from it, and we are still free to ship Marceline/PB to our hearts’ content.